Ed Kashi on “A Small Voice” Podcast

A young worker carries the carcass of a freshly killed goat to be roasted by the flames of burning tires at the Trans Amadi abattoir of Port Harcourt, the capital of the Rivers state, Nigeria on June 22, 2006. The slaughterhouse maintains deplorable conditions, lacking organization and basic hygiene. The animals are killed in the open, their blood spilling into the waterways below, and their skins burned by the flames of old tires, creating thick clouds of black smoke over neighboring residential villages.

Ed Kashi is featured on the newest “A Small Voice” podcast with Ben Smith. In this episode, Ed speaks about being all about the issues, dealing with an emotional fallout, and hitting a wall in Peru.

“…I’m asking people who are sick to let me into their lives. Like, what an a**hole if I do that and then I’m not 100% there! Because on some level those people don’t need another person with a camera. So I’d better have a damned good reason to be getting into their lives and then I need to treat that with dignity and respect and the sort of preciousness of this opportunity that they’re giving me. And if I’m not at 100%, there’s something not good about that.”

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