Finding your Visual Voice

From: October 15, 2018 @ 00:00 EDT
To: October 19, 2018 @ 23:59 EDT
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Photo by Hilary White

To enroll in the October 12, 2019 – October 16, 2019 “Finding Your Visual Voice” workshop, click here!

Instructor: Sara Terry
Location: New York, USA
Cost: $1,500 USD
Duration: 5 Days
Class size: 10
Skill level: All levels
Scholarships: No

About the workshop

This is a workshop about the emotional and sub-conscious content of photos – about how to make photos that come from that place, and that help truly define your own voice as a photographer. It is NOT a workshop about making “good” photos. It’s about setting aside technical know-how—and the obstacles that often come with that—and accessing intuitive, reflective ways of working that will lead you to make photos that only you can make. Rather than focusing on the “how” of making and composing photographs, this workshop focuses on problem-solving assignments that are designed to engage students with the emotions and personal connections involved in creating photographs that truly reveal a personal visual voice.


Day 1:

Morning: Prior to the class, students will be given one assignment to be completed and brought the first day for review and visual “introductions.”

Afternoon: Assignment 1, shoot anywhere in NYC. 

Day 2:

Morning: Review/discuss work from Assignment 1, shoot Assignment 2, anywhere in NYC.

Afternoon:Review/discuss work from Assignment 2, shoot Assignment 3, anywhere in NYC. 

Day 3:

Morning:Review work from Assignment 3, shoot Assignment 4, anywhere in NYC. 

Day 4:

Afternoon: Review work from Assignment 4, begin Assignment 5, a 24-hour assignment

Day 5:

Afternoon: Review work from Assignment 5, review finished “sentences.” Overview discussion and questions about creative process.

Evening: Group dinner! 


“Sara is a phenomenal teacher of photography – not just the act, but the thought and feeling behind each image. You’d be hard pressed to finder a faster, smarter reader of photographs: Sara understands almost instantly the heart of an image or a body of work, and can help shepherd a work that is not fully realized to its full potential. The workshop I took with Sara, in which she offered validation for a tricky conceptual project while also helping me strengthen and expand its framework, was easily the most valuable I’ve ever participated in.” – Andrew Cullen, Photographer                      

“Sara Terry is among the brightest, most challenging and interesting instructors I’ve had the pleasure to study under and my educational experience includes a master degree, so I’ve had a lot of instructors, and a dozen plus photography classes in recent years.  Beyond being a substantial photographer, Sara has an extensive knowledge of the work of other photographers and is quick to recommend a reference when applicable to a student working in the same vein.  She is also knowledgeable in literature and poetry and can recommend reading material that might inform or inspire a student working in a particular genre.  But what I like best is her criticism, it can be pointed and challenging, she doesn’t soft pedal and it usually feels right on.” –  Andy House, Thesis Film Mentor, American Film Institute

“Sara Terry is a wonderful instructor, leading and guiding course participants through the workshop while creating an environment that allowed each of us to be open and receptive to the process of discovering our “Visual Voices”. My distinctive and unique “Visual Voice” emerged before me as I worked through each assignment.  As I completed the work, I was able to see and understand how life’s influences impact my photography at a given point in time.  The workshop assignments lead me into a state of awareness, where my “Visual Voice” emerged as a form of artistic truth that left me feeling inspired and more closely connected to my photography.” – Cindy Crane, Photographer

“Sara Terry’s “Finding Your Visual Voice” class allowed me to explore my photographic process and creativity in a way I’ve never experienced before.  Sara’s openness, method and spirit guided all of us to experiment, to really dig into each thought provoking assignment.  The poems she chose to read to us in class were a whole new way to find inspiration.  I would recommend this class to everyone — her ability to allow “anything goes” led me to photograph with a new freedom which I know will influence my future work in wonderful ways.  Sara’s experience and ground rules really worked to make the classroom a welcoming space to share vulnerability and a playful connectedness to myself and the world around me.” – Bonnie Blake, Camera Operator

“Sara Terry is an insightful, gifted instructor. She makes you dig deep and become comfortable baring your soul in a class setting. She is like the doula for your creative process. Take the plunge — you won’t be disappointed!” – Jen Soh, Graphic Designer 

Terms & Conditions

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To enroll in the October 12, 2019 – October 16, 2019 “Finding Your Visual Voice” workshop, click here!

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