Human Stories: Finding the Personal

From: October 1, 2019
To: October 6, 2019
6 Days
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Participation via the VII Academy through 2 scholarships or through a paid placement via VII Photo website.

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You will share your work in an intimate session and learn about the many new ways we can tell visual stories using the new means we have at our disposal, including photography, motion, and sound. We will do both individual and group critiques of what you shoot during the workshop, but you will also have the opportunity to get feedback on other projects you might have ongoing. If you want to grow and develop your work to a new level, this workshop will change your life.

Photo by Ilvy Njiokiktjien / VII Photo by Ilvy Njiokiktjien / VII

There will be an emphasis on helping students develop their personal vision and unique styles. As Ed Kashi and Ilvy Njiokiktjien both specialize in telling human stories, they will share with you their unique visual styles and approaches. They will show examples of many personal projects, commissions for NGOs and foundations, and their editorial work for major publications. We will look at photographs, multimedia, and short films. We will also invite a guest lecturer who will explain more about how to get your story out there, and how to become entrepreneurial about your photography.


Day 1

Share your work and familiarize us with each other, going over our personal history and goals in life and with our work. Viewing each student’s work. Goals of the workshop.

Day 2

In the morning it is time to shoot. At 1 pm, you will return to the room and Ed Kashi will present his work and talk about how he approaches human stories. In the afternoon it is time to continue shooting your own project.

Day 3

Shoot in the morning and afternoon. Then return to the classroom at 11 am. Ilvy Njiokiktjien will show her work and talk about her personal projects. Right after there will be time to download and edit the day’s work, and have discussions on visual narrative.

Day 4

Shoot in the morning and afternoon. Then return to the classroom from 10 am to 3 pm to download and edit the day’s work, and have discussions on your progress in your project.

Day 5

A guest lecturer will come into the classroom to explain more about how to get your story out there, and how to become entrepreneurial about your photography.

Day 6

Spend the whole day in the classroom editing the week’s work to prepare a final presentation of 2-5 minutes to be shared in a group critique in the afternoon.


“During the last five years as working as a freelance photojournalist, I have attended a wide variety of workshops and classes trying to improve my abilities as a visual storyteller. One thing I have learned is that being an outstanding photographer has no direct correlation to one’s ability to teach this skill to others. Some of the best creators in the world are also some of the most difficult to learn from.Not so with Ed Kashi, who is as gifted an educator as he is a documentarian. Patient, approachable, and warm, learning from Ed is more like being mentored by a talented friend. While some workshop environments can lead to stress and anxiety over one’s future, Ed finds a way to bring out the best in his students in a supportive way.Make no mistake – a workshop with Ed is not a time to be lazy or self-congratulatory. He will push you to produce the best work that you’re capable of, and makes no illusions about the difficult nature of professional work as a photographer. Getting in a classroom with Ed will not be a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination, but the challenge will be one that you can leave feeling good about.”— Luc Forsyth

“While it is no mystery that Ed can capture inspiring moments through his lens, it is his immense heart, gentle soul and supportive spirit that make him such an amazing teacher.  He truly gets to know individuals he mentors and offers a perfect balance of real, constructive feedback, but also guidance to help his students reach their full potential, even when it is beyond what they can see for themselves.”— Amy Smith

“Ed Kashi is an inspiring photographer and teacher, he stands out because of his human values and sensibility which I consider the most important factors for a documentary photographer.”— André Novais

“I have taken two workshops with Ed Kashi.  Not only is he an inspiring photographer and great teacher, but he is an exceptional human being who makes you want to get out there with your camera and do good things for others in this world.  As he has done.  And so necessary in these times…”— Rudi Dundas

“Thank you [Ed] for being an inspirational leader/teacher/artist and a sensitive, caring, and humble person. Thank you for your honest, truthful, positive and encouraging teaching skills, comments and feedback which empowered me both as a person and as an artist! Big thank you for sharing your ideas, perceptions and your work and methods with us. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to attend and participate in your workshop!”— Student, Visual Storytelling, July 2019 workshop in Paris

“I must say, I was blessed to attend Ilvy’s speech as part of the “Holland meets Bangalore” program held in Bangalore, India. Her speech was crisp but it was very informative and full of positive vibes which motivated me to think differently. Since then I started following her work and every post on social media and taking her help to get my work reviewed. Most importantly she is very humble, down to earth soul and ready to help others who want to learn the art of storytelling.”— Sayan Hazra

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Participation through a paid placement via VII Photo website.

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