New Frontiers in the Art of Visual Storytelling

From: February 6, 2016 @ 17:00 EDT
To: February 12, 2016 @ 17:00 EDT
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Cost: $1350

Note: There are two different classes/schedules available for this workshop.

This weeklong masterclass will allow you to share your work in an intimate session and learn about the many new ways we can create photographs, tell visual stories, work with mobile photography and develop your personal style and approach for greater satisfaction.

For those professionals who want to grow and develop your work to a new level, for publication online and in books, exhibitions and websites, this workshop will change your life. With photography changing so dramatically, there has never been a greater need for the photographer to be able to put a personal stamp on their work.

There will be an emphasis on helping students develop their personal vision and unique styles. As with most of Ed Kashi’s work, the ultimate goal is to learn how to find a subject you are passionate about, document it in a compelling and unique visual. Ed Kashi will use as examples his many personal projects, including his seminal work on ‘Aging in America’ and recent work on the Kurds in Iraq, India and the Niger Delta for National Geographic.

Students will look at photographs, multimedia and short films to consider the range of opportunities out there at the moment. Students will have free time for shooting and review sessions, plus a group critique of each student’s portfolio/essays during the workshop.

The 5 topics Ed Kashi will cover are:

1. Composition for richer storytelling
2. Image editing and narrative development
3. Digital workflow and the importance of metadata for improved authorship
4. How to shoot and think to create multimedia projects
5. Portfolio development and dissemination of your work

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