This is the house of the last German teacher, Wilhelm Lategahn, on October 22, 2021, in the former German village of Rot-Front in Kyrgyzstan. He was sent to the Rot-Front as a German foreign teacher in 2009 and settled in the Rot-Front a few years ago after his retirement. Wilhelm Lategahn had previously been interested in the history of the Russian Germans, but he only came across the sub-group of Kyrgyzstan Germans during a trip through Asia. He remembers that in the year of his arrival on the street, the primary language spoken was German.
Wilhelm Lategahn renovated the house, which previously belonged to a German family who immigrated to Germany and established a small museum telling the history of the Germans in Kyrgyzstan. He collected artifacts and archival material so that the history of the Germans from Kyrgyzstan could be preserved in the future.