Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra and Pierre Boulat


From: November 4, 2022


The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Zmaja od Bosne 3
Sarajevo 71000
Bosnia & Herzegovina

“Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra and Pierre Boulat” opens in Sarajevo on November 4 at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Alexandra Boulat, was one of the founding photographers of VII Photo Agency. This exhibition showcases the work she and her father produced covering Yves Saint Laurent over the course of nearly four decades. For over thirty years, Alexandra and Pierre had exclusive access to Yves Saint Laurent and documented his life and work, from his first fashion show to his last.

Pierre Boulat produced his first story on Yves Saint Laurent for LIFE Magazine in 1962 when the designer created the first fashion collection in his own name. The cover story with 12 pages of photographs, took a month to make and began a long association and culminated in Alexandra Boulat taking over from her father and photographing Yves Saint Laurent’s presentation at the 1998 FIFA World Cup for Paris Match.

The premiere exhibition of the work produced by the father and daughter will open on November 4th in Sarajevo.