VII Foundation Fellowships

Passing on knowledge and experience by mentoring and training a young generation of storytellers in communities that need them. 

The VII Foundation has built a rigorous pedagogical framework for an educational Fellowship that supports the professional development of young visual and text storytellers. We recognize that societies the world over need responsible storytelling practitioners working in their media, people from the most diverse backgrounds and experiences, men and women who are invested in their own communities. Our Fellows will represent political, ethnic, cultural and gender diversity and come from communities that have insufficient presence in todays media whether they be from inner cities or rural areas or from developed or developing economies.

The Fellows will be partnered with leading educators, writers, photographers, filmmakers, editors and curators for a period of two years. During this time the Fellows will be given funding to work on projects in their communities and their work will be overseen and critiqued by our mentors. The mentors will school their mentee in media ethics and responsibility, craft and professional practice, enhancing their capacity to build the networks and individual skills to develop fulfilling careers. Through this initiative our Fellows will give agency to the communities they represent. The work of the Fellows will be available for distribution and publication through The VII Foundation's media partners and local education and civic institutions. 

The Fellows and their mentors will meet at an annual summit to meet industry leaders, exchange experiences with each other, work on technique in a workshop environment and build networks. As the Fellowship grows it will provide an opportunity for Fellows past and present to be part of a significant interconnected global community of local storytellers creating opportunities for collaboration and career advancement..

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Film Fellow 2017/2018

Ben Taylor is working with Fiona Turner as Production Assistant on the VII Foundation Film, Eat Up which looks at nutrition in Boston Public Schools.