Always known by her surname, Flanagan was Gangsters Moll No.1 (to plagiarise the title of the British crime movie of the time). Brought up in London’s Finsbury Park, her mother knew the family of the notorious Kray twins on the other side of town in the East End’s Bethnal Green. A former glamour model, she swiftly gravitated to her generation of bad boys whose spurious credibility led directly to the underworld gangs of sixties Britain. She had been great friends with Reggie and Ronnie, the Richardson brothers, Fred Foreman, Joe Pyle, Tony Lambrianou and when I met her, she had become equally close to the next generation of UK villains. As fate would have it, she had also been very fond of the young Don McCullin from their mutual teenaged stamping ground of North London. So when I suggested photographing her for the book, she bridled. She knew the kind of work I was doing was in the tradition of the great McCullin, and no way would she allow me to photograph her ‘naturally’, but she would grant a sitting at her home if she could pose in full make up and wearing her favourite fur. I couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d tried.