Philip Blenkinsop

Philip is a highly regarded artist, photographer, and member of VII. He was formerly a member of l’Agence VU, and was one of the founding members of the Noor photo agency. He is an Honorary Fellow of Falmouth University in recognition of his services to photojournalism. Philip is known for his lifetime commitment to photographing Asia where he lived for 27 years and where he continues to work. He is a highly regarded educator and mentor to photographers from the region.   In 2009, acclaimed film director David Bradbury released his 70-minute documentary on Blenkinsop and his work entitled My Asian Heart. Monographs include The Cars That Ate Bangkok, (White Lotus) and Extreme Asie (Nathan/Delpire-Photopoche). Major awards include the Felix H Man Prize for his work on the suppression of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Thailand, The Grand Prix Photo Jean-Louis Calderon for his reportage on ethnic cleansing in Borneo, The Nuit des Yeux d’Or, the Prix Scam ‘Roger Pic’ and Amnesty International’s Award for Investigative Journalism for his expose of the Secret War in Laos. He is a three-time recipient of the Visa d’Or for his work on Laos, the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami and the Great Sichuan Earthquake. Blenkinsop sits on the advisory board of the Photo Kathmandu Festival in Nepal.