The VII Academy in Sarajevo is Hiring.

Operations Manager – VII Academy Sarajevo

• Fixed term or contract opportunity

• Sarajevo based

• Initially part-time, increasing to full-time

Who we are: 

The VII Academy is part of the VII Foundation, which is an independent, charitable media and education non-profit organisation founded by Ron Haviv and Gary Knight in 2001. The Academy exists to offer tuition free education and professional development in media practice to men and women from communities in fragile economies. 

The VII Foundation resides at 429 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036 USA

What you’ll be doing:

The Academy in Sarajevo will be focused on training and education in media practice and cultural programming in collaboration with institutions across the region. This is a fast-paced and diverse role where you will be charged with turning creative concepts into concrete actions. 

You will take briefs developed by the Academy Executives and implement them, ensuring the program is well-designed, resourced, and delivered to world-class standards. The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of numerous projects as assigned and ensure that they meet or exceed the Academy’s expectations. The successful individual will play a pivotal role in communications with the Directors and team, ensuring that all communications are clear, concise and accurate. You will be reporting to the group COO and the Directors. Initially this role will be part-time with variable hours that will increase to full-time. 

What you'll need to be successful:

You need to be an experienced, strategic and tactical thinker capable of developing and delivering 'out of the box' ideas and translating high-level concepts and themes, and implementing them efficiently. You will be a BiH citizen with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and a current passport. You will have excellent written and spoken English. Other desirable languages would be German and French.

You'll be a strong leader capable of managing core team members, be able to accommodate diverse opinions with a commitment to caring for people and place, with a strong focus on health and safety in the workplace. You will foster an environment of multicultural sensitivity, collaboration and understanding. 

You  will demonstrate initiative and possess highly-developed project management skills along with excellent and disciplined budget management. You will demonstrate an ability to work with teams of people from across the region and worldwide, be able to manage complex and competing human relationships, and have a proven ability to deliver complex projects on-time and on-budget.

You will be comfortable taking the initiative in order to achieve results. You will be well connected in the Sarajevo arts/media/education sectors, capable of working with government departments, and be someone who builds strong relationships with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, you will be an excellent team player capable of ensuring that all the many interested parties in this venture are well-managed and happy.

Applications close on Monday, 1st of July 2019.

To apply for this position please send your resume with a cover letter to: