Malado Diarra, 1, plays in the Community Health Centre of Koumatou, in Mali, on April 29, 2019.

Malado was born without complications and in good health, on 20 February 2018 . Her youngest sibling contracted malaria as a toddler, but thanks to the clean water and hygiene trainings provided by UNICEF in the health facility, she was less at risk of getting this dangerous disease or infections.

Mother Massibiri Kone says:
“She is still breastfeeding, she prefers to breastfeed more than eat.”
“Her first food was porridge, she was given it after 7 months. I breastfed her exclusively for 6 months.”

Father Adama Diarra says:
“The biggest challenge is to make sure the child has a proper education; the mother is important for that. It is because of her that the child will be able to distinguish between good and bad.”
“The importance of the father is to give a child an education. It is important to show her what she needs to know in life.
I play with her at home. When I get back from traveling she runs to see me.”
“There is no primary school in the village but when she grows, I will send her to school. It will be easier for her to get through life if she received an education.”