VIIF Films

VII F Films is overseen by 5 time Emmy Award winning Director and Producer, Fiona Turner.


The story of one man’s fight for survival. From a concentration camp in northwest Bosnia to life as a refugee in New Zealand, the will to live guides Elvis Garibovic through the stuff of nightmares to find his own sense of inner peace.

Rwanda: Beyond the swamp

Veteran war photographer Jack Picone returns to Rwanda where the searing images of the genocide he photographed in 1994 remain deep in his psyche. He finds great progress, but also sees a nation conflicted by personal memory and the national dictate to forgive.

Eat Up

Filmed over 12 months inside Boston Public Schools’ cafeterias and kitchens, Eat Up tells a story of power, food, and the future of children, and how hard it can be in America to do the right thing in the face of unwieldy regulations and corporate interests.