Dwellers of apartment 5C in Paris answer the question, “How are you dealing with life during confinement” in this photo story by Eric Bouvet.

Olivier, 44 years old
Not everyone measures the same way. It bothers me that not everyone is playing the game. I’m afraid of what will come in the next few days since we haven’t yet reached the peak. I find it hypocritical that some people applaud hospital staff while other people, out of fear of being infected, ask them to stay away from their homes. With children, it’s not easy.

Marion, 41 years old
This is a period that widens inequalities even more, especially with regard to children studying at home. We see parents who may or may not help, and digital equipment which is not the same in every home. Above all, it makes me question our concept of freedom. I am also angry with the government. Everything is always dealt with in an emergency, nothing is anticipated.

Emma, 9 years old
I think the problem is growing racism, as if all the Chinese automatically have the virus. They are humans like everyone else.

Jules, 5 years old
I’m not bothered by it at all. I love staying home.