VII Academy

All our education programs are now hosted by VII Academy


The strategy of VII Academy is to promote, teach, and foster high-quality journalism in the majority-world and underrepresented communities in G20 countries by providing tuition-free media education and training.

Through real-world training and practice, we teach and mentor emerging professionals and students in media practice, visual journalism, ethics, and media entrepreneurship. We aim to democratize the information narrative and give communities in the majority world the tools to narrate their own stories and build a more resilient and robust global media environment.

VII Academy is the education branch of The VII Foundation and is funded by Jennifer Stengaard Gross and Peter Stengaard of Blue Chip Foundation and The William, Jeff, and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation.

We teach online, and in person at our two campuses in Arles, France, and Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Through our own teaching and by providing scholarships, on-campus seminars and vocational workshops, VII Academy creates a valuable mentorship network between seasoned veterans and talented young visual journalists.