Imagine: Reflections on Peace is a book, exhibition, education, and advocacy project. In this signature collection, world-renown journalists and authors take us into societies that have suffered searing conflict—and survived. Funded by the Gross Family Foundation.
The Millennium Villages Project is a book, interactive classroom curriculum, and traveling museum touring the United States. MVP is funded by the Gross Family Foundation and Blue Chip Foundation.
Dispatches in Exile provides migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina with basic media training to tell their own stories in partnership with The International Organization for Migration (IOM).
An extensive body of photographic work capturing the most significant moments throughout French fashion and costume designer Yves Saint Laurent’s career.
HERBARIUM by Bosnian-Danish visual artist Ismar Čirkinagič is based on a classical herbarium. Since 2004, he has been gathering, preserving, and identifying plants from the sites of mass graves across Bosnia-Herzegovina and photographing the landscapes in which they were found.
As local Ukrainian media practitioners continue to document the stories of the war and defend their democracy, The VII Foundation is working with The Frontline Club Charitable Trust to provide proper hostile environment training to protect them.
Dedicated to advancing women's presence in the documentation of the natural world, Nature Through Her Eyes' mission is to provide access and opportunity through mentoring, masterclasses, and networking during a bi-annual four-day festival.
Lost Rolls America ensures the creation of a national archive of images from the public’s lost rolls of film, and acts as a digital repository of visual memories living on Photo Shelter’s unique platform.
Photographers from The VII Foundation documented Community Health Workers working with residents living in NYC neighborhoods that have experienced structural racism and have been marked by disinvestment.