Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra & Pierre Boulat

Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra & Pierre Boulat

Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra & Pierre Boulat

Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra and Pierre Boulat is an extensive body of photographic work capturing the most significant moments throughout French fashion and costume designer Yves Saint Laurent’s career.
Pierre Boulat. Preparing the first collection in his own name. Review by the boss – January 1962 "That day he was not happy! "(Pierre Bergé)

For over thirty years, Alexandra and Pierre had exclusive access to Yves Saint Laurent, documenting his personal life and work, from his first collection in 1962 to his last in 2002.

Pierre Boulat produced his first story on Yves Saint Laurent for LIFE Magazine in 1962. The twelve-page cover story followed the designer as he created the first collection in his own name over the course of a month. This series began a long association that spanned both their lifetimes, culminating in Alexandra Boulat taking over from her father thirty years later.

In 1998, Yves Saint Laurent put three hundred models on the lawn of the Stade de France for the World Cup soccer tournament, and in anticipation of the event, Paris Match assigned Alexandra to photograph it. Reimagining what her father had done for Yves Saint Laurent’s first collection while designing for Christian Dior, Alexandra then documented the global fashion icon’s final collection in 2002.

This exhibition showcases both Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic creations and intimate moments from behind the scenes of his fashion shows and personal life with his partner, Pierre Bergé. The collection of images explores the designer’s evolving aesthetics and the shifting boundaries of fashion throughout the last century.

“His fifty-five-year-old eyes have collected the greatest artistic repertoire, a refined taste in the harmony of untouched youth.”

– Pierre Boulat.

Alexandra Boulat. Yves Saint Laurent eats lunch at his home in Paris a few days before his last show. At right we can see Pierre Bergé, his partner and president of the house YSL Haute Couture – January 2002

Yves Saint Laurent by Alexandra and Pierre Boulat in Exhibition

First exhibited at the National Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Sarajevo, the exhibition has since been shown at The Culture Center, Tuzla.

Produced in partnership with the French Embassy, the French Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and VII Academy Sarajevo. The exhibition was realized with the support of VII Academy and the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation.

  • Galeriji Kraljica Katarina Kosača in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. June 2023
  • The Culture Center, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. March 2023
  • The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. October 2022
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