VII Community Presents: Perspectives from Africa

June 20, 2023
12:00–13:15PM EDT
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Alshuqilab village, Sudan, 17 October 2020, which was heavily affected by the floods of that year, the worst flooding in Sudan for a century. Photograph by Roger Anis.

This new series showcases recent work from alumni of VII Community. Every few months, we will invite two to three alumni of VII Community to present their stories on a particular theme.

VII Community, in partnership with PhotoWings, provides a career-enhancing network for VII Academy and Foundry Photojournalism Workshop alumni worldwide.

In this first episode, we will be seeing and discussing the work of alumni Roger Anis (his project “Oh Mysterious Nile…Will you be Immortal?”), Amina Kadous (“White Gold”), and Geremew Tigabu (“Eye of the Storm”).

From Geremew Tigabu's "Eye of the Storm."
Grandparent's wedding portrait. From Amina Kadous, "White Gold."


Amina Kadous is a visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt. Her work tackles concepts of memory and identity, and “White Gold” starts in El Mehalla Al Kobra, home to her family, to trace their personal intersection with the Egyptian cotton industry throughout the generations.
Geremew Tigabu is a photographer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His project “Eye of the Storm” deals with the impact on his family of the recent armed conflict in the north of his country.
Roger Anis is an Egyptian documentary photographer, photo editor and curator. Currently, Roger is doing his master’s at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Netherlands, focusing on water and rivers.

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