Preserving Hope in Afghanistan

VII was proud to collaborate with UNICEF on a video and photo campaign aimed at protecting children in the world’s most lethal conflict.

“Afghan children, their families, and communities suffer the horrific consequences of conflict each and every day. Those same children are desperate to grow up, go to school, learn skills, and build a future for themselves. We can, and must, do so much more to reinforce their extraordinary courage and resilience.” — UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore

Ed Kashi served as director and cinematographer for a film about 12-year-old Sameer who was injured in a suicide attack. Every child should be able to go outside in safety. For Sameer,  this was not an option. Click to watch the video on Facebook or Instagram

Photo by Eric Bouvet

Eric Bouvet’s photography is included on the cover and throughout the “Preserving Home in Afghanistan” Child Alert Report. Included in the report is the above image of 15-year-old Rahimullah.

Rahimullah was fleeing a battle in his village in Helmand province when there was a large explosion. “I was walking ahead of my brother,” recalled Rahimullah. “Suddenly I stepped on a landmine and was thrown into a nearby stream. When I opened my eyes, I saw that both of my legs had been severed.” The boy was saved by a stranger who carried him to safety. Having survived this horrific experience, the two boys later suffered the deaths of their parents and were placed in care. Today, Rahimullah and his brother, Hafeezullah, live at an orphanage near the city of Kandahar, where they attend school, and where Rahimullah can indulge his passion for basketball. “I love to study,” said Rahimullah. “When I grow up I want to help others with disabilities. I feel I understand them having gone through it myself.”