Bea Zamora C

Bea Zamora C is an interdisciplinary artist and conceptual photographer born in El Salvador but lives in Guatemala. They have degrees in Language and Literature, and also a Masters in Gender Studies, which they integrate into their research on trying to deconstruct their lineage repetitions, traditional family narratives, and the violence normalized in our culture and the collective unconscious.

In 2017, Bea graduated from the photography program at La Fototeca in Guatemala. Their work has been exhibited in different galleries and museums in Guatemala (Sol del Rio, El Attico, La Nueva Fábrica, Museo Carlos Mérida) as well as in Mexico (Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, Fundidora Park). In 2022, Bea was selected to exhibit in the open call “Grito” at La Nueva Fabrica and was awarded 3rd place in the FotoFeminas Portfolio Review. Their work has been shortlisted and nominated in international venues such as Luz del Norte and the Patricia Conde Award (Mexico), Lucie Foundation (USA), Escuela Fuga (Spain), Athens Photo Festival (Greece), Festival Paraty Em Foco (Brasil), Latin America Fotografia (USA), among others.

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