Francisco Vigo

Francisco Vigo is a Peruvian visual storyteller residing in Cajamarca.

His personal work delves into social issues within the region through the lens of oral tradition.

His debut project, “Qayaqpuma,” is a visual exploration of the mountain of the same name and has been showcased in exhibitions in Peru and Shanghai. In 2017, he self-published a photo book about this project. With a keen interest in long-term processes, Vigo has been actively involved in the Qayaqpuma Community Project since 2021.

Currently, Vigo is immersed in a new project titled “Soon the Rain Will Come.”

Vigo’s work has been recognized and featured in prestigious platforms such as Visionados Photoespana (2016), Fluz (Ecuador, 2016), E/CO by Vist Projects as part of the Semilla Collective (2022), VER VOIR award (2023), and the Angkor Photo festival (2024). Since 2023, he has been an alumnus of the VII Academy.

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