Shaminder Dulai

Shaminder Dulai is a 13-time Emmy-nominated, award-winning photo/video journalist, visual editor, writer, educator, curator and creative technologist with experience producing stories for newspapers, magazines, TV, digital newsrooms, nonprofits and start-ups. He crafts journalistic narratives with intimacy, immediacy and impact that live beyond the daily news cycle, empowering communities to make informed choices and understand complex issues with empathy.

Dulai is a Poynter Fellow, International Center for Journalists Fellow, Hearst Fellow, and was a finalist for the Knight-Mozilla Fellowship, JSK Stanford Fellowship and Harvard Nieman Fellowship. He has led departments at NBC, Newsweek, PBS-Seattle, Amazon, YMCA and worked on teams at The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Hearst Newspapers and more. 

Dulai was an instructor in New Media Narratives and a facility member with the International Center for Photography. He is also co-founder of StatelessVoices, co-founder of Reclaim Photo and founder of PhotoWalk.Cities. 

His personal projects have received grants and support from the Fund for Investigative Journalism, International Center for Journalists, International Journalists’ Programs, Vocer Media Lab, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Refugees International, European Network on Statelessness, and Columbia Law School, and have been published with HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Newsweek, PBS, CJR, Everyday Projects, MSNBC, NBC, Global Post, The Guardian, and Vibe, among others.

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