Curator Series – Azu Henry Nwagbogu

The Curator Series presents engaging discussions with leading curators in the field of photography who represent diverse institutions worldwide. These conversations delve into the curator’s ongoing projects, the evolving role of curators in today’s photographic realm, and what they look for in preparing exhibitions, festivals, and museum shows.

Hosted by Heleen Peeters and Ilvy Njiokiktjien, the series provides insights into the curatorial process for exhibitions, festivals, and museum shows, offering practical advice for photographers looking to collaborate with curators.

In the first episode, we speak with Azu Henry Nwagbogu, founder and director of African Artists’ Foundation and the LagosPhoto Festival in Nigeria.

Video chapters:
00:00 – VII Insider in partnership with PhotoWings
00:43 – Welcome to VII Insider
02:16 – What did the beginnings of your career look like?
05:24 – The role of the curator
12:07 – On using different approaches for LagosPhoto
15:48 – Presentation by Azu Henry Nwagbogu
30:42 – Group Q&A
35:25 – On curating for an online audience
44:27 – Group Q&A
55:50 – How should photographers approach curators?
59:54 – Closing Remarks

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