John Stanmeyer’s Kit: On Assignment with National Geographic

There is no one kit. Some can be large, though on most assignments, and with my personal projects, I am a minimalistu2014a simple collection of tools to bring into the field on a National Geographic assignment.nnLike the wind, everything and every story are different. There are times when an extensive collection of items are needed. On Part I of the Out of Eden Walk, the assignment required traveling through the desert in the Horn of Africa for 2 months. Often walking, I did have a support vehicle and needed supplies to sleep, feed, and care for three peopleu2026fixer/translator, driver, and me. On most stories for the magazine, it is an unimpressive collection. Even more insignificant is my day-to-day kit, creating endlessly with the camera that is always in my can order pizza too.nnIn this simplicity, I wish to share with each of you the realities of life, and photographyu2026less is more.

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