The Critical Role of a Photo Agency in the Professional Life of a Contemporary Photographer

How do agencies enhance your place in the market?

Marcel Saba of Redux in conversation with Ron Haviv and Maggie Steber

Long before co-founding the VII agency, Ron Haviv was a freelance photographer working for a small independent photo agency in New York called Saba. It was during this pre-digital age that Haviv did some of his best and most impactful work. Often the first person to see what was on that film was his agent Marcel Saba. Today Ron is still photographing, and Marcel Saba is still selling his images, this time through the agency Redux.

In this event, with veteran photographer Maggie Steber, who has worked with some of the most legendary agents in the last 30 years, including Saba, Marcel and Ron discuss what makes for a great agent/photographer relationship and how the business functions

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