Photo Editors Series – Gabriel Eisenmeier

The Photo Editors Series are conversations with well-known photo editors about how they view the media today, the role of visuals in reporting, the work they like to see, and advice for photographers on how best to connect with publishers.

Hosted by David Campbell and Ilvy Njiokiktjien, the series combines an overview of the contemporary media landscape with practical tips. The editors in the series speak as individuals rather than representatives of their organizations. In this tenth episode, we are speaking with Gabriel Eisenmeier of de Volkskrant, a daily newspaper in The Netherlands.

Video chapters:
00:00 – VII Insider in partnership with PhotoWings
00:43 – Welcome to VII Insider
01:08 – Introduction by Gabriel Eisenmeier
03:07 – About de Volkskrant
06:51 – The photographers of de Volkskrant
10:20 – Diversity in the newsroom
15:58 – The structure of the photo desk at de Volkskrant
17:47 – Online storytelling and the role of photography
21:07 – Presentation by Gabriel Eisenmeier
36:35 – How to edit a story 
39:06 – Presentation by Gabriel Eisenmeier
51:22 – How to pitch your work 
56:51 – On story topics 
59:23 – Group Q&A
01:11:27 – Closing remarks


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