Ukrainian Warchive: Collecting Stories of War

It has been two years since the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and reporting the ongoing war while preserving that visual documentation is a historical necessity.

The Ukrainian Photo Archive of War (Ukrainian Warchive) collects and safeguards visual material about the war. They also support Ukrainian photographers documenting the events in their homeland.

Since 2021, Ukrainian Warchive has awarded 28 microgrants to Ukrainian photographers capturing life amidst the war. The projects of ten of these photographers have been now featured in Ukrainian Warchive’s first photobook, “13 Stories of War.”

In this event, Dr. David Campbell hosts a conversation with two recipients of Ukrainian Warchive’s microgrants: Julia Kochetova and Sergii Polezhaka. They are joined by Emine Ziyatdinova, the co-founder of Ukrainian Warchive and the editor of the “13 Stories of War” photobook.

Video chapters:
00:00 – VII Insider, in partnership with PhotoWings
00:42 – Introduction by David Campbell
01:41 – Presentation by Emine Ziyatdinova
27:22 – Presentation by Julia Kochetova
47:36 – Presentation by Sergii Polezhaka 
01:10:57 – Group Q&A
01:15:55 – Closing remarks

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