Level 3 Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice (PNDP.3.002)

From: November 6, 2023
To: December 2, 2023
4 weeks
Class size
Scholarship eligibility
VII Academy Fellows, VII Mentees, and VII Academy Alumni who have earned an A or B grade in VII Academy's Level 2 Program for Narrative and Documentary Photography can apply to attend this course. Sarajevo Seminar participants are also welcome to apply.
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Through VII Academy, The VII Foundation supports issue-driven journalism that uses publication and exhibition as a departure point, rather than a destination.

This multi-disciplinary seminar teaches the language of non-fiction storytelling using the mediums of photography, writing, and time-based media through the study of classic and contemporary work and through practice.

The program introduces students to a range of non-fiction voices, including the work of photographers, filmmakers, radio documentarians, and writers, and places high value on the ethical, aesthetic, and scholarly considerations involved in representing other people and cultures. Tutors for this edition include Gary Knight, Philip Blenkinsop, Dr David Campbell, Jacqueline Farmer, Ziyah Gafic, Fiona Turner, Yonola Viguerie, and more.

As a base, Arles provides participants exposure to multiple cultural institutions concerned not just with French but rather global affairs.


Over the course of a month, participants will reside in Arles and attend classes Monday through Friday at The Alexandra Boulat Campus. Educators will lecture and lead discussions in their area of expertise — writing, filmmaking, photography, presenting — and critique students’ presentations and assignments.

Coursework on campus is immersive, intensive and practice-oriented, with students working together in an intimate discursive classroom setting. Students are required to engage with communities outside the academy and to confront complex social issues while practicing skills in film, photography, writing and audio.


Participants will learn to research, produce, edit and present their work and become familiar with strategies to position their work to change policy and educate the public. Those who graduate from the class will be able to accomplish assignments for the media, for NGOs, for supra-governmental organisations and institutions that value visual communications strategies.


  • VII Academy will cover tuition, travel to and from Marseille airport, accommodation, and a per diem.
  • The Level 2 Program for Narrative and Documentary Photography was formerly called the Level 2 Seminar in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. If you’re unclear on your grade, please contact [email protected].

Apply Now!

Eligible applicants (see details at the top of the page) who wish to be considered for acceptance to this tuition-free program should complete the application form linked below. Please register for AwardForce, then select the name of this program.

Application Deadline: April 16, 2023 at 2359 EDT.


David Campbell is the Director of VII Insider and the Education Director at The VII Foundation. David is an internationally-experienced, globally-minded communications, media and politics professional with a uniquely varied history of strategy, management, analysis and writing within government, academia, and non-government organizations (NGOs).
Gary is the CEO of The VII Foundation and co-founder of the VII Photo Agency. He was a photojournalist between 1988 and 2017 and a former Newsweek magazine photographer who covered the wars in Cambodia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
Philip is known for his lifetime commitment to photographing Asia where he lived for 27 years and where he continues to work. He is a highly regarded educator and mentor to photographers from the region.
Yonola Viguerie is the Manager of Operations of VII Académie in Arles, France. A graduate of the Beaux Arts in Toulouse, she previously worked with Agence VU’ in Paris and for the Magnum Gallery, Paris.
Ziyah Gafić is the VII Academy Regional Director Balkans and an award-winning photojournalist and videographer based in Sarajevo. Focusing on societies locked in a perpetual cycle of violence and Muslim communities worldwide, he has covered major stories in over 50 countries, including conflicts in Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.