VII Community Presents: Stories about Climate and the Environment

This series showcases recent work from alumni of VII Community. Every few months, we invite alumni of VII Community to present their stories on a particular theme. In this session, we look at stories about climate and the environment.

VII Community, in partnership with PhotoWings, provides a career-enhancing network for VII Academy and Foundry Photojournalism Workshop alumni worldwide.

In this episode, we discuss the work of Irene Barlian with her project “Land of the Sea”, Guerchom Ndebo with his project “Our Forests” and Fatma Fahmy with her project “The Lost Lake”.

Video chapters:
00:00 – VII Insider in partnership with PhotoWings
00:43 – Welcome to VII Insider
02:07 – Presentation by Guerchom Ndebo
22:02 – Presentation by Irene Barlian
39:20 – Presentation by Fatma Fahmy 
48:40 – Group Q&A
56:47 – Closing remarks


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