Guerchom Ndebo

Guercho Ndebo is a Congolese photographer. He is passionate about images and uses his camera to stimulate reflection on contemporary issues. He is interested in equality, cultural differences, and solidarity.

Driven by the desire to tell stories, he studied communication at university. Afterward, he participated in the Congo in Conversation project of Finbarr O’Reilly and the Carmignac Foundation to improve his artistic skills as a photographer.

The first story Ndebo published was on charcoal “Makalaā€¯. Many households in Congolese cities use charcoal. This has a major effect on the environment, especially as it leads to the exploitation of wood in Virunga National Park. The work was later exhibited in Paris and received international recognition.

In 2021, Ndebo became a contributing photographer for Getty Images as well as AFP. His work has been published worldwide, by media organisation such as The New York Times, CNN, RFI, USA Today, The Irish Times, and The Globe. Alongside press assignments, Ndebo works on commissioned stories for NGOs and UN agencies.

For his work, Ndebo won the LensCulture Critic’s Choice Award and the Albert Kahn Avenir Photo Canon Award in 2021.

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