20 Storytellers of Tomorrow. The Winners of Untold Stories by EyeEm & VII

In September, we teamed up with EyeEm to discover the most talented emerging visual storytellers from their community. “Untold Stories” challenged photographers to tell the stories of the people and places around us that don’t have a voice of their own and remain unseen, yet happen every day in front of our very own eyes. Over 3,000 photographers submitted more than 12,000 photos, ranging from the in-depth documentary coverage of the refugee crisis in Europe to stories from Georgia, Pakistan, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, Ghana, India, the Philippines and beyond.

This photo mission was launched in conjunction with the open call of the VII Mentor Program, a unique initiative that has mentored some of the brightest new photography talents since its start in 2008. Today, EyeEm and VII are excited to announce the winner and runner-ups of this special collaboration.

Photo by Rafael Graf