A Tender and Emotional Portrait of Grief

As part of In Focus: Latin American Female Photographers, a monthly series curated by Verónica Sanchis Bencomo, PHmuseum featured an interview with VII Mentor Program photographer Fabiola Ferrero on her latest project. 

“Venezuelan photographer Fabiola Ferrero has long been photographing the collapse of her homeland: street protests, health crises, and political unrest. For her latest project, ‘I Can’t Hear the Birds,’ she looks back to her earliest memories of the country through a collection of old family photo albums.

Fabiola Ferrero describes how every year after summer, friends would bring photos from their holidays. Somewhat one of her earliest memories. However, as a result of Venezuela’s migration, many of those family albums have piled up in empty homes. Fabiola, moved by Venezuela’s exodus, decides to mix up images from old family albums with her current photographs of Venezuela in order to raise questions between the past and the present.”