“America, Again” | Chapter 1: IOWA

Exactly one year before voters go to the polls on November  3, 2020 – and three months before Iowans gather for their caucuses – we at VII Photo are launching the first chapter of our year-long collective election coverage, “America, Again.”

Every election cycle is an opportunity to re-visit America, to consider again what defines us and what we aspire to, how far we have come and how far we have yet to go in achieving “liberty and justice for all.”

We believe this election cycle, more than any in recent memory, finds America at a critical moment in choosing a path that may define it for generations to come.

And so we launch our coverage today, with the first of seven bi-monthly installments on some of the most important issues facing Americans as they prepare to vote in 2020, including race, the environment, inequity and the wealth gap, and labor and the economy.

Over the course of the year ahead, these issue packages will be supplemented with campaign coverage and reportage about other critical issues, including breaking news and foreign policy, bringing perspectives from citizens around the world reflecting on what matters to them in elections that have an impact far beyond America’s borders.

Chapter One, “Iowa,” is a look at some of the national issues that will play a part in the 2020 elections, as seen from Iowa, where voters in the state’s February 3 caucuses will help determine the Democratic frontrunners for president. The work was done by VII members Danny Wilcox Frazier, Ed Kashi, Maggie Steber, Sara Terry and VII mentee Nolan Ryan Trowe.

Click here to view Chapter 1: IOWA.