Beyond the Frame: A Workshop with Maggie Steber and Sara Terry

From: February 27, 2022 @ 09:00 PST
To: March 5, 2022 @ 18:00 PST
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Photo from Sara's garden, with the winter light of LA that will be the backdrop for this class.

About the Workshop

Beyond the Frame is an intimate, curated masterclass with Guggenheim Fellows Sara Terry and Maggie Steber for photographers in the middle of long-term projects looking to break through creative barriers and find new ways to approach their work.

Drawing on years of their own experience finding inspiration beyond photography, Maggie and Sara will create a specific list of creative sources for each photographer’s project–films, paintings, poetry, literature, music, and more–to help participants think beyond the frame.

This is a seven-day workshop that is about process, reflection and creative growth, limited to seven people. Each participant’s project will be reviewed and discussed in depth, including group brainstorming sessions about the creative resources that Sara and Maggie have chosen for each project, and how to use them.  Maggie and Sara will also talk about what’s involved in applying for a Guggenheim fellowship, and share ideas about publication and distribution of long-term projects, including each participants’ work. Participants will also have access to Sara’s extensive library of photo books, including hand-made, limited edition publications.

The workshop will be held in Sara’s Los Angeles garden and studio during one of the most beautiful times of the year in southern California –February, when the light is gentle and temperatures are in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit. In addition to project reviews and discussions about creative inspirations, some days may include brief, impromptu photo-making exercises;  others will include group dinners in the garden and evening film screenings.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Class Dates: February 27 – March 5, 2022

Pre-Workshop Gathering: February 26, 2022 (evening) 

February 26: Evening

Gather at Sara’s home for dinner and introductions

February 26 to March 5, 2022: Morning through evening 

At least half of each day will be devoted to one of the photographers in the class. The day will begin with everyone viewing the “photographer-of-the-day’s” portfolio, followed by Sara and Maggie presenting several sources of inspiration specifically chosen for that project.

Group discussions will be part of the feedback for the photographer, and each day will feature something unexpected — a short shooting assignment, a film screening, an outing, a group dinner — Maggie and Sara will surprise you! 

In addition, Sara and Maggie will each schedule 30 minute one-on-one sessions with each photographer in the group. Informal meetings will also be possible.


To register for this workshop, please click here. The cost is $2,500 USD. 

The workshop is limited to a class size of 7 students. 

A member of the VII staff will connect you with Maggie and Sara shortly after registration and will ask you to share a project statement and a portfolio of 20-30 images. Maggie and Sara will spend time with your projects before the workshop and will select unique resources (film, music, literature, etc.) to serve as inspiration.

If you have any questions, please feel contact us at [email protected].