Lecture Series on Ethical Literacy, Part 2: Photography Ethics: Representational Power and Responsibility

October 10, 2023
10:00–11:00AM EDT
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This image is from Danielle Villasana her long-term project "Abre Camino". For this work, she documented how the life-threatening consequences of discrimination and marginalization push transgender women to flee their homes in Central America and migrate north toward the United States in search of safety.

In October VII Insider will host a three-week series on ethical literacy. When we talk about photography ethics, we are talking about applying concepts like responsibility, power, and dignity to how to take and share photographs.

Savannah Dodd, founder and director of the Photography Ethics Centre, will facilitate the lecture series. Each session will explore what photography ethics is, why photography ethics matters, and how you can apply photography ethics to your practice. We will look at case studies, share experiences, and reflect on the ethical decision-making process of photographers and photo-editors.

Lecture  2: Photography Ethics: Representational Power and Responsibility
In the second session of the photography ethics series, Danielle Villasana will discuss the power we have as image-makers to represent others. Through a discussion of her experience as a photojournalist, Villasana will unpack questions like: How can we think about our representational responsibilities? How can we plan for the impact of our images? 

Join us for the second event and stay tuned for the next public lecture, held on October, 17th.


Danielle Villasana is a photojournalist based in Houston, Texas. Her work focusses on human rights, gender, displacement, and health throughout the Americas. She strongly believes in the power of photography paired with education and community development. Villasana is the 2022 Alexia Grant Professional Winner and is also a National Geographic Explorer, Magnum Foundation awardee, a Women Photograph grantee, an International Women’s Media Foundation fellow, and an alumna of the Eddie Adams Workshop.
Dr. Savannah Dodd is the founder and director of the Photography Ethics Centre. She is responsible for designing and delivering workshops, lectures, and other educational content. She has worked with international audiences from a wide range of sectors, including media, academia, and international development. Savannah’s training is in anthropology. She earned her master’s in anthropology and sociology at the Graduate Institute of International Development Studies in Geneva (2015) and her bachelor’s in anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis (2012). She recently graduated with a Ph.D. in anthropology from Queen’s University Belfast, in which she examined the ethics of archiving photographs in post-conflict societies. Before founding the Centre, she worked in the international development sector for NGOs and IGOs in Switzerland, Uganda, and Thailand. Alongside her work with the Centre, Savannah maintains her own photography practice.

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