Nature: Through Her Eyes Festival, Perpignan, France

From: October 18, 2019 @ 14:00 EST
To: October 21, 2019 @ 10:00 EST
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The first edition of Nature Through Her Eyes Festival in Perpignan, France, 2019

VII Academy hosted the Festival from October 18-21, 2019, in Perpignan, France, which celebrated and highlighted women’s roles in the arts, including writers, photographers, and filmmakers, as well as camera and sound operators. The event, the first of its kind, explored what a feminine perspective means to women, what they bring in their storytelling and why it is important for society as a whole. We gave space for women’s ideas and work that are innovative and important for all audiences to see.

In early 2019, VII Academy founder Gary Knight and wildlife cinematographer and producer Jacqueline Farmer began discussing the inequities for women in media, particularly in storytelling and art about the natural world. They wanted to create a space for women to feel uplifted in this field and gain the resources and tools they needed to succeed in challenging, often male-dominated spaces. The Nature Through Her Eyes Festival explored what a feminine perspective means to women in their portrayal of nature and in their storytelling, and why it is important for society as a whole.

Presenters came from all over the world, bringing their knowledge from the media, literature, academia and research, and legal and commercial fields. Programing included professional workshops, seminars, film screenings, mentoring, networking events, and panel discussions. The festival served as a platform for women to share experiences between generations and across cultures, creating a mentorship network for young women entering the profession that will last long beyond the festival dates. As a part of the VII Academy’s mission, this festival was a free event open to the public and supported the participation of panelists from across the world.

Over 100 people attended our conferences, coming from 11 different countries to attend (Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, India, Nigeria, Spain, Tanzania, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam). 550 people attended the film screenings, including 240 children and 135 members of the public who received reduced rate tickets to all of our screenings.


Jacqueline Farmer manages the Nature Through Her Eyes Festival and training courses and accompanies alumni as Executive Producer on film projects that come through the program.