The Spirituality of Seeing with John Stanmeyer

May 25, 2021
10:00–11:15AM EDT
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Photo by John Stanmeyer / VII. Dalveender Singh, 25, a boatman who ferries supplies and people across the Beas River, ties his turban. Formerly a fisherman, Dalveender is now a boatman manually polling passengers across the Beas which is filled with toxins from industrial plants along the river, decimating fish supplies and the fishing industry.

Join VII photographer and founding member John Stanmeyer for a thought-provoking discussion as he takes you through his often deep meditative approach to telling visual, audio, and lyrical stories for magazines such as National Geographic. John will share the mysteries of letting go of the obvious to feel and see beyond the expected, past simplicity into unexpected ways of telling long and short-form narratives. He’ll take you to visit his archive and illustrate the therapy of editing through one of his stories. Place your pragmatic self aside while John takes you on a spiritual journey in creating photographic possibilities during this VII Insider gathering, the Spirituality of Seeing.

The art and purpose of photography are torturous when presented through pragmatism...too simple. One dimensional. Photographing what is already known. Repeating. How do we take ourselves beyond the expected toward the unexpected? To understand me, you. Our neighbors, our earth. Into the world around us and beyond, we must dare to touch the universe. Within and through the universe that dwells within all of us. In grace and curiosity. By giving, not taking.