VII Interactive: Workshop. You’ve Done the Work and Now What??

From: December 7, 2020 @ 00:00 EDT
To: December 14, 2020 @ 23:59 EDT
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Instructor: Maggie Steber
Location: Online
Cost: $1500 USD — enroll here!
Duration: 32 Hours (including one-on-one meetings before, during, and after the workshop)
Class size: 15
Skill level: Advanced Amateurs and Professionals

Editing and Sequencing Long Form Projects To Give Them Meaning.

A 7-Day Workshop with Maggie Steber

This workshop is for advanced and serious enthusiast photographers who have completed a long term project and need help with editing and sequencing ideas. This is one of the most perplexing challenges in finalizing something you have worked on over time. What are the best photographs? How should they be sequenced to make a statement and speak to the audience? What is the final format for the work? Photographers understand that long term projects can put them on the map. Spending more time on a project makes for better work and a more intense learning experience by the photographer. The work has time to mature and take on more meaning, and we become better at articulating its purpose in a more meaningful way. The next big challenge is putting it together in a way that enables it to work its magic, appeal to editors and an audience, and garner interest for publication. This is what we will concentrate on together.

Our aim is to create a final product that surprises, impresses, moves the heart and mind, informs, stops people in their tracks, and captures the attention of editors and publishers.

We will discuss and research creating a more critical and richer backdrop of innovative presentation. When fitting we will look for ways to connect the work to a more universal idea. We will write and talk about the work, brainstorming on its meaning, its purpose, and its audience. These are some of the key elements to your project’s success. Almost all photographers want to make a book. What kind of book? How big and how many pages? Who is the best publisher? How much will it cost? Would your work shine more in some other format that transcends the book? Is there a way to make the work more accessible to a wider viewing public? We will consider various ways to go beyond the book to create a livelier presentation and a more memorable experience. 

Topics we will cover:

  • Editing and sequencing for different goals: presentations, competitions, grants, and publication.
  • Good editing and strong sequencing to save a project. 
  • Project statement: how to write and talk about your work.
  • Research methods and how to find inspiration.
  • Experimenting with Presentation.

Workshop schedule

BEFORE THE WORKSHOP BEGINS Maggie will hold a 30-45 minute private session with you to do a quick review of your project and your goals in this workshop. You must bring 20 photos and 2 paragraphs (no more than 150 words) from the project you want to work on.

DURING THE WORKSHOP Maggie will meet with you individually to give you personal feedback during one-on-one meetings. Instructions for those meeting are forthcoming. 

AFTER THE WORKSHOP each participant may book a one-hour review session with Maggie to discuss another project, brainstorm ideas, etc. This offer is valid for 3 months after the workshop ends. 

Pre-Workshop Meeting

To be scheduled individually before the workshop start date.

Session 1

December 8
Full class meeting: Maggie shows her work and the work of other photographers using innovative approaches to editing, sequencing and presentation reflecting outside the box ideas. Research assignment will be given for discussion.

9AM to 12PM EST
Break for lunch one hour
1PM to 5PM EST

Session 2

December 9
Full class meeting: You’ll show your work to the group and talk about it. This will be a full day meeting. Your research assignment will be discussed.

9AM to 12PM EST
Break for lunch one hour
1PM to 5PM EST

Session 3

December 10
Full class meeting: Research & Writing

9AM to 12PM EST
Break for lunch one hour
1PM to 5PM EST

Session 4

December 11
One-on-one meetings begin for first 6 participants. These meetings will last 1.5 hours each. Instructions for preparation will be given on Day 1 so you can be prepared.

Session 5

December 12 One-on-One meetings for the second group of 6 students, lasting 1.5 hours each.

Day Off

December 13
Students are expected to finalize writing, practice presentations.

Session 6

December 14
Wrap Up Day: Full class meeting in which we will review everyone’s work, what they have written, and a presentation that we will have discussed. This will be a final and very long day with a break for lunch.

9AM to 12PM EST
Break for lunch one hour
1PM to 5PM/6PM EST

About Maggie Steber

Documentary photographer Maggie Steber has worked in 70 countries photographing stories on the human condition. She has worked in Haiti over a 30-year period and published a book with Aperture entitled Dancing on Fire. She photographed her mother’s dementia over a nine-year period that was made into a multimedia piece produced by MediaStorm and a self-published book entitled Rite of Passage. She is a contributing photographer to National Geographic Magazine. Her current project, The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma, is supported by the Guggenheim Foundation. Steber specializes in long-form storytelling. Other honors include Pulitzer Prize Finalist 2019, the Lucie Award for Photojournalism 2019, Leica Medal of Excellence, World Press Photo Foundation, Pictures of the Year, and major grants including the Ernest Haas Grant, Alicia Patterson Grant, and a Knight Foundation Grant.