Nature Through Her Eyes

Nature Through Her Eyes

Nature Through Her Eyes

Promoting and celebrating women’s work in the natural world, providing access and opportunity through mentoring, masterclasses, and networking.

Women are key for conservation. It is vital that films and images by women about the natural world are made and seen. Mentorship, teaching, and building female networks are the way to make this happen. 

Women are underrepresented in storytelling about nature and wildlife. Films, essays, and photographs that explore the natural world have often prioritized male contributions. What is the point of view of women in this field? What does their perspective offer? Do they allow us to see things differently? Can they help us to reconnect to the species with which we share the earth?

As we enter the sixth mass species extinction and a global climate crisis, the human connection with the natural world has become one of the greatest challenges of our century. It is important now more than ever to give voice to the female point of view.

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The first edition of Nature Through Her Eyes Festival in Perpignan, France, 2019

The Festival

Nature Through Her Eyes holds a bi-annual four-day festival that promotes valued work from the natural world, presenting prominent projects across film, photography, science, and sound. Each edition marks meaningful successes from media practitioners in the natural world community, showcases new media, and allows significant figures to share real-world experiences. The event brings together creatives and scientists who want to work on improving their storytelling skills to impact conservation.

In the context of talks, live panel discussions, film screenings, and educational training, the festival examines what a feminine perspective means to women in their portrayal of the natural world and the importance of their contributions. In its second edition, we were especially honored to have leading names, including Thihangwi Ramutsindela, Dr. Tess Gridely, Erica Rugabandana, and Dr. Paula Kahumbu join.


We support selected young media professionals through structured training and expert mentorship, providing vital guidance, equipment, and collaboration. With a mission to accelerate careers and enhance the female position in conservation, we work to implement a program that advances technical skills and teaches storytelling skills, strengthening women in their career paths. Our initiatives give narrators the tools to define their contribution and create stories that resonate.

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