Paris, November 13, 2015

The Eye of Photography recently featured an outdoor photographic exhibition, organized by the 13onze15 – Fraternité & Vérité associate, which includes work by VII’s Stefano De Luigi.

“On the occasion of the five-year anniversary of the attacks of November 13, 2015, in Paris and Saint-Denis, the association 13onze15 – Fraternité & Vérité, created by the victims and families of victims, entrusted Laura Serani with the curating of an outdoor photographic exhibition. Produced in partnership with the City of Paris and the town hall of the 11th city district this exhibition brings together 42 artists (French and international) who were present in Paris that day. They were asked to search their archives for a photograph they would have taken on the 13th (with a camera or a smartphone), before the attacks in order to constitute their “diary of the 13th”. And, at the same time, to select one of their photographs as a “response to the attacks”, an act of resistance to the logic of death and destruction, a metaphor for these tragic moments, an echo of sorrows, fears, but also of hope, revolt and resilience.

“Each artist accompanied these images with a text, which explains his/her choice or even his/her experience of November 13, 2015. On the gates of the May-Picqueray Garden (formerly Square du Bataclan), the intimate and personal proposals of these 42 artists who have agreed to share their perspective on this tragedy will be presented. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog.”