Mexico City, Mexico

Juan Pablo Ampudia

Mentor Program

Born in Jalisco in 1985, Mexican photographer Juan Pablo Ampudia currently lives between Yucatán and Mexico City. His work focuses on the aftermath of different social and environmental issues around the world with a particular interest in resilience.

In 2015 he documented the relationship with his mother, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for more than 25 years. This six-year personal project shed light on a progressive, degenerative and incurable disease that affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide. Between 2016 and 2017, he spent the early years of his career working in Brazil focusing on issues related to identity and conflict. In 2018, he was nominated for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass and began photographing for National Geographic.

In 2019, being more aware of the impact our diet has on the environment, he returned to Brazil to document the highest loss in the Brazilian rainforest in a decade. In 2020, he collaborated with Gatopardo on several pieces about human rights violations and environmental crimes in Mexico.

In 2021, he joined the VII Photo Agency as part of the VII Mentor Program, and he is currently working on a long-term project that explores the contamination of the Yucatán Peninsula Aquifer, one of the most extensive Karst aquifer systems on the planet that is threatened by pollution, deforestation, the use of pesticides and agribusiness, and real state development.