Maria Teresa Salvati

Maria Teresa Salvati is the founder and director of Everything is Connected, a trans-disciplinary platform that aims at connecting different areas of research and experiments with new ways to involve and engage the public at large, learning through the results of experimentation and providing the community with new paradigms for communicating the environmental crisis.

Maria Teresa is a special lecturer at UAL: University of the Arts London, within the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, teaching a course called “Visualizing the Environmental Emergency.” She’s co-author of the symposium ‘Visualizing Climate Change,’ in partnership with UAL: University of the Arts London, Climate Visuals, PARC (Photographic Archive Research Center), and VII Insider, whose topics have included the “Female Gaze,” “Environmental Sublime,” “Is Photography Sufficient to Communicate the Climate Emergency?”, and “Creating Impact: New Visual Perspectives on the Climate Crisis.” She is the curator of the 2023 talk series ‘Visualizing the Climate Crisis’ in partnership with UAL and VII Insider.

Maria Teresa is also a personal branding consultant for creatives and has a dedicated column in C41 Magazine, presenting photographers seen through their “Spot of Beauty.”

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