“While the Fires Burn. A Glacier Odyssey and Tales from a Globalizing World” by Daniel Schwartz

A glaciology in pictures, the book, published in 2017, is the artist’s journey along humanity’s suicidal path of progress, leading from the relics of Holocene glaciation in the Swiss Alps into the milieu of the Anthropocene, to collapsing glaciers on three continents. Tales from a Globalizing World was a collective project curated and produced by Schwartz in 2003. It sheds light on the accelerating phenomenon that connects people and places that are geographically remote but also fragments local connections. Today, the book that includes stories by Philip Jones Griffiths, Tim Hetherington, and Ziyah Gafic, among others, is a timely reminder of our world the fragility of which has been mercilessly exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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