The Srebrenica 2020 installation presented by The VII Academy and The VII Foundation

The exhibition contains photographs, video and texts made between 1992 and 1996 across the country and show a clear pattern of violence primarily aimed at the Muslim population of Bosnia – Herzegovina. The fall of the enclave protected by the United Nations culminated in genocide, the first act on European soil since World War II.

©Ron Haviv / VII. ©Ron Haviv / VII. ©Ziyah Gafic / VII. ©Ziyah Gafic / VII.

The installation at the Srebrenica Memorial Center was curated by Ziyah Gafic, and contains images by Ron HavivGary KnightZiyah Gafic, and Paul Lowe of VII Photo Agency. The video installation contains the work of Tony Birtley, the only television correspondent to film inside the Srebrenica enclave during the siege, It was edited for exhibition purposes by Redzinald Simek and Nermin Hamzagic. Texts were provided by New York Times correspondent Rod Nordland, who was working for Newsweek Magazine during the Balkan wars. Additional support cam from Hasnija Zulic, Director of Operations of the VII Academy in Sarajevo. For more information and to view some of the footage, please visit the Al Jazeera Balkans website.

©Hasnija Zulic. ©Hasnija Zulic.