Anarchy in the USA: Event Recording & Recap

Over 480 of you joined us yesterday for our first VII Insider event — “Anarchy in the USA.” Judging by the response we have had from within the VII Insider community, on social media, and the private emails and messages we have received it was a meaningful and powerful event for everyone who was there, including us. Our gratitude goes to Ashley, Christopher, Chris, and Ron who took valuable time out of their ongoing coverage to share with such honesty their insights on the events of January 6th.

For those of you who missed the conversation, or who want to revisit it, a free recording of the event will be available from the morning of the 20th of January to 10 AM EST on the 25th on our Recordings & Resources page. After that, it will only be available with all other VII Insider resources to our Premium subscribers.

At the end of yesterday’s conversation, we mentioned that we will produce a limited edition printed journal with the work you saw yesterday, and with additional texts and contextual materials. This will be a gift for the first 250 Premium subscribers to VII Insider. It is being designed by Giorgio Baravalle of deMo, who has created many of the books the VII photographers have produced over the last 20 years, and will surely become a collector’s item.

VII’s photographers will continue to cover political life as it evolves in the USA and the inauguration over the coming days. VII Insider will host another presentation on political photography that will respond to those events. Updates will be on our home page and on our social media channels.

VII Insider has a year of incredible programming ahead, some of it planned and some of it-like yesterday-will be impromptu and respond to current events. This week we have two of the worlds leading curators of photography—Hilary Roberts and Alison Nordtröm—presenting part two of their three-part series Photographers and Archive: Preserving the Archive. Next week Ron Haviv is back with legendary agent Marcel Saba of Redux to discuss The Work of a Photo Agency.

Thanks to all of you who have already subscribed to our Premium level membership. We hope that the event yesterday will encourage more of you to engage closely with our community and join our Premium level and bring your friends and colleagues along with you!

We thank you for your support and hope that you will share what we are doing with your friends and networks. We rely on you to help us spread the word.