Apply Now: Abandoned Moments: Freestyle Street Photography Workshop with Ed Kashi

Join Ed Kashi in New York City this summer to learn about his concept of street photography, the “abandoned moment.” This August 12-14, 2022 workshop is a mix of looking at Ed’s work, tutorials, photography, and reviews.

If you’re interested in learning a different approach to street photography, to navigate the chaos of daily life with a camera, to move and dance with the world around you, then this workshop is for you. Ed will show you ways to approach this craft with vibrancy, nuance, and confidence. The “Abandoned Moment” is a term Ed Kashi coined at the beginning of his 40-year photography career. Based on his new book of the same name, he will share his work and photographic approaches while providing valuable feedback and guidance to grow your work. As with all of Ed’s workshops, the conversations will take on a broad range of topics from the philosophical to the technical.