Daniel Schwartz on “A Small Voice” podcast

The Southern Peaks of Mt. Stanley, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda, on 14 November 2015. Elena Glacier, Stanley Plateau and Margherita Glacier are seen from across Semper Peak of Mt. Baker which has lost almost all of its glaciers. Equatorial glaciers are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and those in Uganda are expected to disappear within a few decades. To the ancient Greeks and Romans the Rwenzori glaciers were know as the sources of the Nile, but their geographic location was disputed and remained a mystery until modern times.

Daniel Schwartz is featured on the latest “A Small Voice” podcast with Ben Smith. In this episode, Daniel speaks about early education, the documentary about his life and work, “Beyond The Obvious,” the current situation in Yemen, and joining VII as an Emeritus member.

“We need to listen. First of all, we need to go, see for ourselves, and then obviously we meet people and we have to listen to them. We should forget about our pre-concepts which we carry. We inform ourselves at home and then we forget what we have read, and we go there. And this will eventually change or modify the concepts we have, and we need to listen to what people have to say to us and to find a way of building their information into the way we see things.”

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