Before It’s Gone by M’hammed Kilito

From: February 1, 2023
To: April 1, 2023
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“Before It’s Gone” by VII Mentee, M’hammed Kilito, opening in Sarajevo on February 1st, 2023 at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Before It’s Gone” by M’hammed Kilito was the winner of this year’s Kranj Foto Fest Open Call “Home: A State of Transition”.

Kilito’s “Before It’s Gone” is an ongoing, long-term, multidisciplinary art project highlighting the complex and multidimensional issues surrounding the degradation of oases in Morocco, and the subsequent impact on their inhabitants. The degradation of oases in Morocco is responsible for the displacement of many people, including the younger generations, who are forced to leave due to water crises, lack of job opportunities, and general isolation. With his visual narrative of landscapes, portraits, and objects M’hammed invites us all to enter the world of those who have long been suffering the impacts of destructive human activities and climate change.

M’hammed Kilito (b. 1981, Lviv) is a documentary photographer and member of the VII Photo Mentor Program, based in Casablanca, Morocco. His practice focuses on the relationship between groups or individuals and their environment.

Kranj Foto Fest’s 2022

Kranj Foto Fest’s 2022 Open Call centered around the theme HOME: A State of Transition. The open call challenged global photographers and visual artists to (re)present their views on a traditional, yet extremely contemporary and complex subject: HOME and all the many layers the word represents.

The exhibition in Sarajevo is co-produced by Kranj Foto Fest and curated by Fernanda Prado Verčič.