How to apply for grants, with Sara Terry and Raymond Thompson

November 14, 2023
12:00–13:00PM EST
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A mother pushes a stroller along one of the pathways of the Sarajevo Zoo. During the early months of the 1992-95 war, the international media covered the death of one of the last surviving animals - a bear - prompting an outcry from animal rights activists who demanded an end to the war. Sarajevans, who endured a three-and-a-half year siege of their city by Serb forces while the international community did little to assist them, still comment wryly about the fact that the deaths of the animals in the zoo seemed to create more protests against the war than the deaths of the 10,000 civilians who died during the siege. Photograph by Sara Terry

Grants are an increasingly important funding source for documentary photography projects and stories. Grant applications require a mix of written proposals and visual materials.

Have you ever wondered how to present the visual materials best? Which photo to put first when you apply for a grant? How to sequence 20 or 30 photos for a proposal?

Join our conversation with Sara Terry, director of The Aftermath Project and member of VII Photo, and Raymond Thompson, the 2023 grant winner of the 1492/1619 American Aftermaths grant, to discuss these issues.

During this event, Sara and Raymond will explain how to create a strong proposal. They will share writing tips and demonstrate how they recommend sequencing photographs. 


Raymond is an artist, educator, and visual journalist based in Austin, TX. He works as an Assistant Professor of Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin. He was the 2023 winner of the 1619 Aftermath Grant. He has been a freelance photographer for The New York Times, NBC News, NPR, Politico, ProPublica, Google, Merrell, and the Associated Press.
Sara Terry is an award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker known for her work covering post-conflict stories. She recently completed her third documentary film, “A Decent Home,” about mobile home parks and the affordable housing crisis.

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