Images From Inside the Vigils, Protests, and Destruction in Minneapolis

Danny Wilcox Frazier was on assignment for Redux for this Esquire feature titled “Images From Inside the Vigils, Protests, and Destruction in Minneapolis” about what’s currently going on in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was murdered by a police officer.

“Protests and violence have gripped the country—a country already reeling from the coronavirus—over the police killing of George Floyd. With curfews hastily put into place, cities were home to peaceful protests, spasms of violence and rage, and property destruction as day turned to night. In Minneapolis, where Floyd was murdered, family and friends gathered in remembrance of Floyd at the place where he was killed. Photojournalist Danny Wilcox Frazier captured the scene, along with many others over the weekend. The images show a city coping with loss, grieving from generations of injustice, and convulsing with violence.”