Leica Fotographie International/ BarTur Photo Award: Photojournalist of the Year

© Ashley Gilbertson / VII for The New York Times Magazine. US Capitol Police (USCP) Officer Eugene Goodman confronts protesters as they storm the Capitol in Washington, D.C. after listening to a speech by President Trump on January 6, 2021

For his work photographing the storming of the capitol on January 6, Ashley Gilbertson has been named one of the Leica Fotographie International/ BarTur Photo Award photojournalists of the year.

About the Award

A key focus of the BarTur Photo Award has always been the immense power photography has in influencing the way that we understand and engage with the world around us. Using photography as a means to express ideas and values, the BarTur Photo Award 2021 will bring important issues to the forefront, crossing boundaries and help bring communities together.

VII Insider: Anarchy in the USA: A Conversation with VII Photographers who Covered the Events in the Capitol

On assignment for publications including TIME, The New York Times Magazine, and The New Republic, four members of VII photographed the Trump rally and the violence that it unleashed at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on January 6. Gary Knight talked with Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, Christopher Morris, and Christopher Lee, seasoned veterans of conflict, about their experiences that day. They discussed what they saw, how they made decisions, processed information and made choices during the fast-moving, unpredictable and violent events in their own country.